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SAVIOUR - Women's College Hoodie in Wonderful Canadian Spelling!

SAVIOUR - Women's College Hoodie in Wonderful Canadian Spelling!

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The Scoop

Are you tired of wanting to proclaim your Canadian Christian Faith but not having certain words spelled properly? I feel ya! That's why when you wear this hoodie, you can know that everything is copacetic - in excellent order, very satisfactory, where everything is going well and all the details are in place. So many times I've wanted to buy a clothing item but just couldn't bring myself to have a spelling error on my clothes. This unique graphic may aid you in witnessing about your love for Jesus, the crown of thorns He wore, the blood He shed... These elements are part of this print and just might start some hearts to melt around you.

Now, about this hoodie:
This ladies' version of the popular JH001 hoodie offers a feminine fit and boasts a host of features, including a double fabric hood, kangaroo pouch pocket with a small hidden opening for your headphone cord, ribbed cuffs and hem, self-coloured drawstring cords, and twin needle stitch detailing.

  • Made from 80% combed ring-spun cotton and 20% polyester, it delivers a luxurious, soft-to-touch fabric that's near perfect!
  • With side seams that help maintain the garment's shape and provide structural support, it's built to last. The adjustable hood with self-coloured woven cords and metal grommets adds a touch of sophistication. The spacious kangaroo pouch pocket ensures your hands stay warm and your essentials are close at hand.
  • The print is on the back of this hoodie.
  • For care, simply machine wash in cold water (max 30°C or 90°F), avoid bleach, tumble dry on low heat, iron, steam, or dry on low heat, and skip the dry cleaning.

SIZE CHART - All measurements in the table refer to product dimensions. - Measure to be sure.

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Printed Apparel Care Instructions (General care, not specific to this item. Please see item for it's specific instructions.)

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  • Toss it in the machine with similar buddies – cold wash only, eh!
  • Please don't allow your prints to soak in water for long periods.
  • Mild detergent is your best pal and go easy on the cycle – gentle is the way.
  • If you must, use non-chlorine bleach. But only if it's a real "must", alright?
  • Dry clean? Nah. Fabric softeners? Double nah.

🌬️ Drying Strategies:

  • Air-dry it like our beautiful BC landscapes – hang it out when you can.
  • If you're in a rush, tumble dry it on low. But think of the environment, okay?

🔥 Ironing? Sure, but mind these:

  • Flip it inside-out again and keep your iron cool, just like our autumn evenings.
  • Steer clear of the printed area – it's not a fan of heat!

Follow these steps and your threads will last longer than a Canadian winter! Happy wearing! 👚👕

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Thanks for your patience and for being a true-blue, thoughtful shopper, and for joining us in this grand ol' Canadian adventure. Dopamine Hits, takin' care of you and the planet, one order at a time! 🌍🍁

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When it comes to the sharpness of a print on an item, there are many factors that need to be considered:

  • material
  • printing options available/selected
  • complexity of print

Let's discuss the product material.

For t-shirts, when printing, the best and crispest prints will be on 100% cotton. Heather shirts will be faded a bit and have more of a bleed of the fabric through the image. This is often referred to as a vintage look due to the print looking like it's more worn. Tri-blends are more of a hit-or-miss in that some "colours" of products can result in crisp prints while others can result in the more "vintage" look.

You may find, that nowadays, the trend is to add a "distressed look" to graphics and prints and we do use this technique here and there in varying stages and styles. Those "splotchy" bits on the design are part of the overall look our designer was going for and are not misprints. Please keep this in mind when you receive your order and you didn't notice the distressed look in the pictures you saw online.

I hope this information helps you when ordering your stuff to allow you to know in advance that the various materials we offer can and may affect how your choice turns out. We always strive to let you know the composition of our products when that information is available to us.

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